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Script to map logins and users of all db on server

Can You suggest me any script which will function as sp_change_users_login for all the dbs on the server at a time as well as map the sid of login and user.This I need to make the current server exactly like old server.I dont want to leave any stones unturned
Check:…rynm=Maintenance and Management &categoryid=1 Luis Martin
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Think I answered this already in another post. In the following post you will find the needed scripts: there is a script called sp_fixusers. Create that SP in the master database then run: –Sync logins in All Databases – custom SP
SELECT ‘Use ‘ + Name + ‘
exec sp_fixusers
G’ + ‘O ‘
FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases
Order By Name This will gerneate the needed code to update all logins on all databases like this:
Use UserDBName1
exec sp_fixusers
GO Use UserDBName2
exec sp_fixusers
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