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Script to monitor Backup Jobs

Hi, I am looking for a script that monitors the backup jobs and send mail for the failed jobs across all the Sql Server 2005 servers. I have a script which runs against 2000 servers but it does not work on 2005 servers. Can anyone help me on this. Regards
There should be much difference in 2000 and 2005 related to sql server backup jobs… Try to use the following script along xp-send_dbmail procedure to send the mail notification… select,
isnull(cast(max(bus.backup_finish_date)as varchar(30)),’Never’)as
‘Last Backup Date’ from
master..sysdatabases sysdb left join msdb..backupset bus
on = bus.database_name
group by
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Hi MohammedU,
This sript is very good but we have the Tiviolis TSM product used for backups. Can you please, help me with any script that
will help us to moniter the TSM backups and send us email on the failure. I will really appreciate it.

you could obtain such an alerting using the Tivoli product itself or setup a schedule job too.