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Scripting table population

Group, Is there any way that I can script the population of the tables in my db instead of having to import/export from one db to another? Jim James E Mace Flying Ace Software Solutions
From database to database you can do a direct insert.. select, such as INSERT INTO db1.dbo.table1 SELECT * FROM db2.dbo.table2 If you want a reusable script with a standard set of re-usable insert statements in it, you can generate these from the source tables by dynamically creating some insert statements along the lines of SELECT ‘INSERT INTO TABLE (cols) VALUES ( ‘ + column1 + ‘,’ + column2 + ‘)’
from table1 etc I think this is what you require?! Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB
Thanks for the statements, but I have 138 tables to repopulate. I try to import/export, but it would never populate all my tables (~40% unpopulated). Jim James E Mace Flying Ace Software Solutions
Why not use DTS with selection of tables? Satya SKJ
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If import/export is failing at some point, it must be for a reason. do you get an error message? Also if you want the entire database backup/restore is much easier.
Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB