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SELECT confusion

the code below returns the minimum missing value This code works fine returning the minimum missing int value But I strongly felt that the first line
select min(A.keycol+1) should be a constant, does not change at all.
select min(A.keycol+1) as MissingMinimumValue
from dbo.T1 as A
where not exists
( select * from dbo.T1 as B
where B.keycol = A.keycol+1
) ——————
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Another example is SELECT min(A.keycol+1) AS MissingMinimumValue
FROM dbo.T1 AS A
ON B.keycol = A.keycol+1
WHERE B.keycol IS NULL ——————
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The confusion here is I think MIN() function against a specific set should be an unchanging constant? I think I already have the answer. ——————
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