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Selecting 1 row by different where’s

I’ve a got query that is using a group by with sums. I need to select a column twice to display different data but a where only would do the same data. In essence: Col 1 Col 2 Hours Committed hours
100 Item 100 flag A total flag b total So for item 100, it would sum up hours from a detail table where flag = a AND sum up hours where flag = b. The hours in the detail table is the same column, just selecting different rows to give me a sum in the committed hours than in the Hours column. I’m really not sure how to go about this. Any ideas?
join the table to itself, and give each one an alias Im assuming Item is the Primary Key. try something like… select
a.item, sum(ISNULL(a.hours, 0)), sum(ISNULL(b.hours, 0))
mytable a
full outer join mytable b on (a.item = b.item)
a.flag = ‘a’ and
b.flag = ‘b’
group by