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Send ‘high importance’ Email using xp_sendmail

I have a DTS that sends email using xp_sendmail. Is there a way to send email with high importance or priority? Jon M
As far I know it depends of mail profiler in SO.
I suggest wait for others post.
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I don’t think that option exist with xp_sendmail. You could use something else like xp_smtp_sendmail: /Argyle
Or you can use third party command line tools like ‘Blat’. The blat tool that I have downloaded is having switch called ‘priority’ with ‘0’ for low and ‘1’ for high. Here’s the link :

I think you can setup this on outlook client to send all mails from SQL as high importance category. _________
Satya SKJ

Thanks people! Even if you set your Outlook to send mails as ‘High Importance’ it won’t do the trick. I used Argyle’s suggestion. Jon M
Another way could be to use sp_OA* procedures to access the Outlook or CDO object model. Within this model you can easily change the mail priority. Haven’t tried this from within SQL Server, but from VB or VC++ it is relatively straightforward.
This one might help you Frank
I guess using sp_OA* procedures will be another overhead to the server and may see spurious errors in the log. _________
Satya SKJ

Yes, that’s right! Along with security issues. Imagine what you can do with the FileSystemObject!
It was just an alternative way. Maybe not the best, but the only one I know to access another object model. Frank