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Sending data to a particular port??

Sending data to a particular port
——————————— I need to send data to a particular port on modification of a table. Is it possible to do this in SQL Server? If so how to implement the same? The idea behind this is to keep two database in sync (one SQL Server DB and another DB2). Am planning of the below solution – On modification (insert, update, delete) of a table, am planning to write a trigger which takes the value of certain fields and writes it in a xml format. – This xml document has to be sent to a port. (This is where am stuck. Is it possible to implement this?) – I’ll write a listener class to read this and process the same. TIA
What i feel is, this problem is to be handled by the application not by the SQL Server. SQL Server role is to Prepare XML that can be done as u said by trigger. Sending XML documnet to a port has to be the responsibility of APplication.
I don’t think native SQL server has support for this. instead you can try with SQL Server CLR —————————————-
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