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Hi To All, When I try to connect SQL Server Express Edition thru Visual Studio 2005 then It asks for server instance.
So Please tell me what is this server instance and how to set server instance.
Thanking You,
Can you tell us what is the exact message that you are getting —————————————-

Server instance is the SQL instance when you install the SQL edition, and yes give us the error message for more information. Satya SKJ
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When I was installing the MSSQL SERVER Express Edition then I gave dafault server instance. I also checked with computer managemnet services and it has the service MSSQLSERVER.
But when I try to connect with express manager it shows the error:- Error:-cannot connect MSSQLSERVER
Timeout Expired. the timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
I am not getting anyway where to look for that error and why it is giving this error.
Please let me know.
Thanking You

The default instance in SQL 2000 can be identified simply by the computer name of the server. Not entirely sure in what context VS is asking for the instance name, but I would give the computer name a try. If it’s running on the same machine, try (local).
Thanking you very much. I gotta clue… and now ready to get it run.