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Server Memory limits

Hi, I just installed more memory into my Windows 2000 Professional Server and am up to 6GB. It shows as such on the boot up screen. However, when you go into task manager and look at the total memory of the system, it is 3.7GB. After the install, my network team researched and found the following article: &lt> Apparently, the limit for my server is 4GB. Why is there only 3.7 showing in task manager and not 4GB, and does anyone know what I can do to get the server to use more memory, al least the full 4GB? Thanks.
1) What kind of SQL do yo have?
2) What memory configuration did you set on SQL Properties? I don`t remember how much memory SQL can reach with Windows Professional, but with SQL Standart you only can get 2GB, with SQL Enterprise 8GB, but I can`t image SQL Enterprise on Windows 2k Professional. Also task manager is not the best tool to see that. Use Peformance Monitor –> SQL Memory Manager –> Total SQL Memory. Also check
Luis Martin
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I think it is Windows 2000 Advanced server not a Win 2K professional system.
Do not go by the figures from Task Manager, get the PERFMON(SYSMON) counters for Memory, cpu, SQL Memory for further assessment. Refer to this KBA;en-us;274750&sd=tech for further information on configuring memory more than 2GB. Satya SKJ
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Thanks for the replies. This server is my load balancing server and does not have the SQL database. I will be upgrading the memory in the SQL database server tomorrow and will want to raise the limit of SQL to 2 GB. We have SQL standard edition, not enterprise. I am using Perf mon and will check the new stats to see what is up and will look into thise articles. Thanks.