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server name

After installing SQL2K, i have renamed my Win2k server name.
When i execute the following query i get the old server name. SELECT @@SERVERNAME 1>How to change this?
2>Is there any problem if i retain the OLD NAME?
I think, therefore I am
You can use
sp_dropserver ‘myoldservername’ and sp_addserver ‘mynewservername’, ‘Local’
I have a similar situation.
In sysservers table, I have 2 rows
name serverstatus
old 1089
new 1249 my @@servername is old If I issue sp_dropserver ‘old’, will it bring down the server. Users are using this server. Do I still need to run sp_addserver ? If I issue, sp_addserver ‘new’,’Local’ will any users connected and working will get affected ? Will I loose any dbs ? Will this change the @@servername to ‘new’ immediately ? Any reboot of the machine is needed ?
Thanks much.
You change NETBIOS name in W2k. Old name was default instance name when you install SQL.
Yours defaults directories also contain original name.
In home, whithout any documentation, I can`t remember how to change original to new.
I’ll check my docs tomorrow.
Luis Martin
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