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Server utilization by SPID

I am looking for a SQL script or a software package that will let me see the CPU utilization and memory used by individual SPID’s on a database server. I would like to find some way to see something that would be like Task Manager and an sp_who2 combined where I would see the SPID and its percentage utiliztion of the CPU’s. From there I could pull the input buffer on any SPID that appears using too many system resources. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate hearing them. Thanks Michael Herfkens
HealthMEDX, Inc.
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i think you are barking up the wrong tree most memory should be used for data buffers, which do not belong to any spid.
each spid does have some of its own memory, but this is usually of no consequence. if this is a transactional server, then you should really be paying attention to cpu by stored procs, if it is a DW, then it shouldn’t matter. if your app use connection pooling, then the cpu by spid has no meaning but you can just use profiler, aggregating cpu by spid.
i am not aware of any third party tool that makes a gui out of this, probably because it adds no real value