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One of my servers has SQL2000 SP3 8.00.818 while another one has 8.00.760. What’s the difference between these SP3s? I tried to download 8.00.818 from Microsoft site but it offers 8.00.760.09. I have different SQL Server Editions in my environment: Standard, Enterprise and Personal Editions. Can I setup 8.00.818(SP3) on all of these editions? Where can I get 8.00.818 SP3? Thanks, CanadaDBA
818 is a Fix. Check:;en-us;821334 Luis Martin
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This site maintains a good version database which might help you ———————–

I see the latest version is 8.00.954. Do I need to install all the patches? Do you keep your SQL Server up-to-date with these patches?
quote:Originally posted by FrankKalis This site maintains a good version database which might help you ———————–

I downloaded SQL2000-KB815495-8.00.0818-ENU.exe but when I want to run it, I get the following error: Error Executing the specified program:
C:WINNTTEMPpft34.tmphotfix.exe I tried to tun it on different machines but got same error. What’s wrong? CanadaDBA
When I run the Hotfix, I get this message: C: emphotfix.exe is not a valid Win32 application
It is possible that the file was not downloaded properly. Try downloading it again from here:…9d-bd44-40c5-add3-b8c99618e68d&displaylang=en
Better to download from different machine and try to replace SQL client tools and service pack for refresh. Satya SKJ
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Thanks guys. The file that I had was corrupted. I downloaded the patch and everything is fine now. The version is 8.00.818. But latest available patch is 8.00.954. What is the latest recommended patch? Do you always update your SQL with new patches?
It is highly recommended to update with new patch if it involves a critical security vulnerability.
You can subscribe to a security bulletin that Microsoft sends when there is a new vulnerability found. Or you can find all the security bulletins at this URL:
The latest security related patch is 8.00.818 as far as I know but I would not install the 8.00.818 patch but instead the 8.00.819 since there is an issue with the 8.00.818 that prevents you from changing passwords on accounts. It can be found at this link: FIX: You are prompted for password confirmation after you change a standard SQL Server login;EN-US;826161
As you can see in, there are many patches available. Is Microsoft the only patches provider? Or other companies and third parties do it as well? CanadaDBA