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Service Startup Issue

I am throwing this out here in case someone has seen something similar. We have a third-party app that is SQL based. The app connects to SQL with an ODBC connection. The app has some services that need to run to monitor activity, etc. When starting the services, there is an error – "Error: The requested operation on the ‘Mailsweeper for SMTP security’ service failed. Failed to connect to the datasource "using the user". "<br /><br />The reason I ask this here is because this looks like it might be a SQL or network rights issue. The third-party company has been unable to help us resolve this, and now it has come to my attention in case it is SQL related.<br /><br />I’ve looked all around SQL and tested a few things, but I have not found the problem. Has anyone ever run into something like this? I guess this is where it would help if I were also a network guru….[<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-6.gif’ alt=’:(‘ />]<br /><br />Thanks in advance for all ideas and suggestions. I really appreciate all the help!!<br /><br /><br />Token SQL Goddess<br />
Ensure the user used has required privileges to start the service.
Are there any recent patch applied to this MailSweeper? As this is not purely SQL based, its bit hard to find the solution unless another shop is using similar software. Satya SKJ
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Sorry, guys… I jumped the gun too soon. Got it figured out. Local account was not working for these services, thought we checked that yesterday! Thanks again! Token SQL Goddess