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severity 0 error

could u plz any one give me some resolution for this error.
"spid708 Error: 15457, Severity: 0, State: 1"
why this type of errors occur?
what are the severity 0 issues?
if any one know the resolution let me know.
quote:Severity Levels 0 through 19
Error messages with a severity level of 10 are informational. Error messages with severity levels from 11 through 16 are generated by the user and can be corrected by the user. Severity levels from 17 and 18 are generated by resource or system errors; the user’s session is not interrupted. Using sp_addmessage, user-defined messages with severities from 1 through 25 can be added to sysmessages. Only the system administrator can add messages with severities from 19 through 25. Error messages with severity levels 17 and higher should be reported to the system administrator

Read BOL for Severity Levels. ERRO : 15457
*Configuration option ‘%ls’ changed from %ld to %ld. Run the RECONFIGURE statement to install.* would u tell us what you do before this error comes !
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This 15457 is an informational message and if you choose to change any SQL server configuration via Enterprise Manager you will get to see these messages. Ensure proper privileged accounts are under SYSADMIN group to perform suhc admin activities. Satya SKJ
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