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Shfiting of SQL default database

On our SQL Server we have 3 different HDD. HDD 1 is having OS. HDD 2 is having all the SQL by default databases i.e. Master, Model, Msdb, Tempdb, Pubs & Northwind.
HDD 3 is having application databases, which are in use. Because of HDD 2 problem we shift our application db to HDD 3. The capacity of HDD 3 is more and it#%92s new. My question is how should be my approach to shift all SQL default databases from HDD 2 to HDD 3?
Is there any risk involved in it?
How should I handle those risks?

I would recommend you to read carefully below given links, further if you have any doubts feel free to ask: –;en-us;224071
Database Administration job is full of risk all the time.. Knowledge and carefully planned activities minimized all risk involved in activities.
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