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shrink database question

i’m shrinking 2 databases at the same time to their minimum value. i used enterprise manager to schedule the job. there won’t be nobody using the server tonight, but i wonder if they’re going to be able to access the data tomorrow morning, assuming this shrinking process hasn’t finished yet.

If process hasn`t finished, your users will have problems to use database. Shrink process use high I/O.
Even if shrink finish well, all your previus maintenance jobs (reindex, etc) will lost. So, may be, you will loose performance. Luis Martin
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wow…, any way to tell the percentage of the shrink job been processed already???

The SHRINK process doesn’t put any locks or issues to access the data, and if it cannot proceed it will leave the warning message on the SQL SErver error log. By using SP_SPACEUSED you can find how much space is used so far. Satya SKJ
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