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Shrink file on stand by server with log shipping

I have a regular log shipping between a production and a stand by server. This is running fine. I ran a DBCC SHRINKFILE on my data file on the prod and increased free space on that drive. I mean that the freed space was released to the operating system. But I am not able to do that on the stand by server as it is on ‘Read only’ mode with this log shipping. Looks this shrinking process is a non logged operation and stand by server does not effect this with log shipping (i.e with logs restore on stand by server). How do I run DBCC SHRINKFILE on stand by server without losing the log shipping. I welcome any suggestions. Som.

BACKUP LOG & DBCC statements works against each other, in order to attain the DBCC SHRINKFILE result you must stop the LS process on the Standby server too. BTW, instead of shrinking the log file regularly you can calculate the space required and set it for the log file. Satya SKJ
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