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Shrink Tran Log Error?

The tran log on my test database has grown quite a bit, and I did a tran log backup, but now I want to shrink the tran log because it is taking up so much space on my test server. I tried to do a DBCC SHRINKFILE, but I receive the following message: Cannot shrink log file 2 (filename) because all logical log files are in use. What does this mean? I thought that users can be in the database when you do a DBCC SHRINKFILE? Thanks,
Queena Chua
"I thought that users can be in the database when you do a DBCC SHRINKFILE?"
No, more when you have full recovery model. Luis Martin
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Bertrand Russell
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May be still uncommitted transactions are existing in that log file.
Check with DBCC OPENTRAN statement, check SQL server error log for any other information. Satya SKJ
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