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shrinkfile progress

Is there any way I can see the progress of a shrinkfile operation that I’m running?
I’m shrinking a very large file from which I’ve removed a lot of data and the skrink process has been running for 32 hours and up to 140 Mil disk io in sp_who2. I could have pulled the existing data out, shrunk the empty file and pushed it back in 5 times over in the time it’s been running. Thanks
THere is no such tool or process to check the status, but I guess PROFILER may give you inital information on SHRINK process. If the database is used extensively then SHRINK operation and database growth operation will overlap and affect the SHRINK process, it is recommended to run the SHRINK during less traffic hours on database. Satya SKJ
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That’s what I figured. And nobody uses the db now. I’m going to let it run for a few more hours then pull the plug.