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Shrinking database (file) increases size

Dear all, I’ve got a strange problem over here. I have got a backup of a production database (SQL7) I want to use as a development database but it’s way too large. Size of data is 10GBand log is 4GB. There’s about 6GB of data. What I am trying to do is make the database ‘smaller’ because I don’t need all the data. Only a reasonable amount of data is enough for testing purposes. That why I have some delete-scripts to remove about 70% of the data. After running the scripts and rebuilding the indexes there is 2GB data left. So I have 8GB of free space. When I’m trying to shrink the data file using DBCC SHRINKFILE (FILENAME, TARGETSIZE) the amount of data has increased to about 8GB. I can’t find anything on the net about this (my google reflexes are probably a bit rusty [:I]). Any ideas anybody? Thanks in advance! Will.
I beleive you need to monitor the database activity to see what exactly contributing this behaviour and having database consistency jobs will have negative affect when you perform a shrink and reindexing process. Link is a good reference.
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Thanks for the advice. I will give it a try.