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Shrinking File

Hi everybody I am facing a piculiar problem while running DBCC SHRINKFILE command. i am shrinking a file whose spaceused is 1151MB. and total size of file is 1152MB. I am running a query DBCC SHRINKFILE (filename,1151) After running this query i am neither getting any error nor file is shrinked to 1151MB.Its still showing me 1152MB .
If anybody faced any problem familiar to these then please guide me . With Regards
Shiv Gupta

That is difference between number of bytes for that Transaction log file, what is the problem in having the difference of 1mb. Ensure the shrink has been completed with no issues and if you have no free disk space issues then why to shrink and other process are trying to increase the Tlog size. Better to size the Tlog and perform frequent backups to maanage the size. Satya SKJ
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