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side by side migration sql server 2000 db to 2005

Hi There Does any one have a good resource or link on the side by side migration process and considerations for migrating a sql server 2000 database to sql server 2005? I have installed a named instance fo 2005 on the same server as the sql server 2000 instance. I know i can choose to attach/detach or restore the database to the 2005 instance or use the copy database wizard. But i have many questions that i cannot find answers to in BOL. Like must i manually re-create all logins/users/maintenance plans/jobs etc after migrating the database, since all this information resides int he system db’s that cannot be migrated? This database is also a subscriber, must i re-setup replication from scratch after migrating? Are there any other considerations for the mixed replication environments? etc etc , i have read all the BOL topics for replication considerations and backwards compatibility etc, but BOL really does not go into enough detail. Please anyone with a good resource on the side by side migration process? Thanx —————————————-

Thanx dineshasanka But there is not really anything of any interest in the pdf?