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Simulate consistency errors

I’m trying to set up integrity checks using sql litespeed and I want to be able to test it and see how it would react given that a database becomes corrupt and has consistency errors. There’s an option to do integrity checks before doing a complete backup. I want to be sure that it stops with failure before going on to the backup if there are consistency errors. I would really like to NOT wait until I have a corrupt database to find out how it reacts. Is there a way to simulate corruption or does an example of a corrupt database exist that I could attach to a test server and play with? If not, has anyone dealt with litespeed doing an integrity check before a complete backup with a corrupt DB? How did it respond? Thanks,
Deleting a row in the sysindexes system table with id >100 will result in a corrupted database. —
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Ah that is the easy way to corrupt the database, but make sure you’ve complete backup just in case to play around. For more information on this product you may try contact vendors. Satya SKJ
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Thanks for your help. Great idea!