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Single database or multiple databases?

I am a new DBA cum programmer working in an University. I have to design database to process students end-semester exam marks. Which strategy is better: Single database or separate database for each semester (of six months). What are the advantages and disadvantages of these strategies? Experienced DBA/Programmers please share your ideas. In case of financdial accounting softwares which strategy is used? Thank you. Suresh B.
You can have one database maintaining all semester information, it will be easy to maintain all at one place. THe major advantage is easy administration of database and only if the data is huge then you can opt keeping annual databases seperately. I’m sure you will get fellow peers tips also in this regard, wait for them. Take help from the following links for DB design : – db modelling fundamentals – for packaged applications – db design tuning tips Satya SKJ
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True. In accounting software the strategy is one database. Of course the appication must be capable to resume history information after some years. Some time (depending on countries regulation) resume information means create a history database to keep detail. In that case, database is backuped and only restore if neccesary. Luis Martin