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Single user mode in 2005

Hi experts,
How do i take my instance in single user mode in sql 2005? Any idea, Is any body performed rebuild master database?
Swaamy Swamy Sirigineedi
Refer to start your server in Single user mode.
and refer to rebuild master database. Regards
Hemantgiri S. Goswami
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it is same as SQL 2000. sqlservr.exe -m -c -sInstanceName you have step by step master db restores in this link. Madhu

Be aware there are issues with restoring a database using the GUI in 2005. Things do not work as advertised and after speaking with Microsoft today we found they are aware of the problem. You may need to use SQLQuery/Query Analyzer to restore a database. When we use the GUI with 2005 EE to restore the master database we receive an error because the GUI tries to create a second connection which single user mode does not allow. Dave
Thanks for the feedback Dave, incidentally this was discussed with one of the MS in the PASS conference. But I haven’t tried the same so far. Satya SKJ
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