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Sleeping processes from VERITAS Backup Exec

I have a question about VERITAS Backup Exec(TM). I have been determine in sysprocesses table 23 spid with the program_name "VERITAS Backup Exec(TM) for Windows Servers" and with the status – "sleeping" and cmd – "AWAITING COMMAND" during a day. Our network backup starts after midnight and finished before 5:00 am.
VERITAS IDR agent is on this particular server, but VERITAS is physically installed
on different server.
Can someone please tell me if this is a normal to have 23 spid sitting in your database during a day when VERITAS is not actually running.
Alex, Just checked my SQL server that is set up similar to yours. There is currently no process in SQL devoted to Veritas. The backup runs overnight and, like yours, completes before the am. I am not sure what might be different on the Veritas end, as I am not the one that set up Veritas. You might check your system services. If there is a SQL service showing devoted to Veritas, then your situation is normal, but in my experience that is only when more than the IDR is installed. Good luck!
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