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Slow Resultset

I am facing problem in displaying records in multiples of 50(Mulltiplication factor is not fixed can be 100 or 150). This is taking lot of time more than 5 secs The problem is as follows: I have a table where in records are dumped everyday.The number of rows dumped are approx 100000 per day.These records are then shown on a screen to the user. The columns are
Machine Name, User Name , Date , ScreenName
The sorting of these records is dynamic it can be on Col1 or Col2 or Col3 or Col4.
I want to show these records in multiples of 50
1-50, 50-100 , 100-150 ,………..
How can this be achived faster?
The sets 1-50,50-100, 100-150 will differ if sort order is different. Currently this has been done in VC code using ADO recorset. All the records are fetched at a time and then pagination is done and sorting is managed in the recordset itself. This approach is taking more than 3 secs for 50000 records. The organisation has asked me to give some aprroach from the database which is faster. Any help from you will be appreciated. Please this is urgent.
Thanks in advance.
See if this helps Madhivanan Failing to plan is Planning to fail
Thanks Madhivanan.
Its done. Durgesh.