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sluggish query analyzer

Help! For some reason, my query analyzer is VERY sluggish. I have tried connecting to multiple servers, but my query’s run real slow, while other users have no problem. I think it has something to do with my ODBC connection, but I cant figure it out… any ideas?
It would be the problem with the client tools on that machine.
Try replacing the client tools, check whether you can get PING response from that server, LMHOSTS file is updated with relevant information. Satya SKJ
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I have tried re-installing the client tools… didnt help… I think the database connection setting are stuck…
Perhaps you have a default database for your login different from master, and it has the AutoClose option activated? Meaning each time you log off it is brought off-line, and it needs to be brought on-line again when you open QA.
The user DNS is set to master db, and the isAutoClose = 0. IS there a way to restore your dns properties using the registry or something?
I always associate DNS with a file containing a list of connection parameters. That, or a server that resolves IP addresses to machine names and vice versa. I meant you should check the default database for the login as defined within the instance of SQL Server.