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somebody create a database !!!

Can I find out who created the database? with sa owner
somebody did it yesterday and I don’t know how to find out who?
if I take it offline somebody will say something but I don’t want to do that.
I look at the log file and it says spid57, that was yesterday so
any ideas?

Sorry for the lack of sympathy, but this is the hard way to learn to secure your servers. There is no way to know who used a SQL login at a given time, nor is the ‘sa’ account auditable. You’re only hope is an event in the security log (event viewer).
If you can browse the transaction log (LDF), it may give some info. I know there’s a third party software that can read LDF and from there you may be able to find out the workstation name (host_name). Jon M
Time to have a stronger sa password.
Luis Martin
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Yes, I agree. Tighten your security concept. Very few users should have such escalated privileges. —
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