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SP to change 2005 SA password?

2000 it is sp_password ‘Old,’New, Account, it does not work for 2005.
Try in the SQL 2005 section …
From BOL Changing a password The following example shows how to use ALTER LOGIN to change the password for the login Victoria from B3r1000d#2-36 to V1cteAmanti55imE. This is the preferred method. User Victoria can execute this command without additional permissions. Other users require ALTER ANY LOGIN permission. ALTER LOGIN Victoria WITH
PASSWORD = ‘V1cteAmanti55imE’
OLD_PASSWORD = ‘B3r1000d#2-36’;
So does it work with this syntax, or are you still having problems?
pretty sure this one works, while trying to find a simpler one, New DBA
Books Online usually has a section on syntax from earlier versions that is no longer supported.
Adriaan, Thanks. New DBA