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SP3 or SP3a installed

I have two separate SQL 2K Servers running on WIN2K and I want to verify if one or the other, or both have Service Pack 3 versus Service Pack 3a installed. In running "select @@version" and in what I read, you could have SP3 or SP3a installed and "select @@version" would return the same result. Is there a command to differentiate, or somewhere to look in the registry?
http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;q321185 Gaurav
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Both are same in terms of version, SP3 was released first and then it was enhanced to SP3a after fixing few issues with SP3. As of now only SP3a is available and no harm in replacing SP3 with SP3a. Satya SKJ
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SP3 and SP3a will show the same @@version number. To determine whether you have SP3 or SP3a installed, look at the version number of the Net-Library file, Ssnetlib.dll. If the version number of this file is 2000.80.760.0, you have SP3, if the version number of this file is 2000.80.766.0 you have SP3a. Note that patches like 8.00.818 will patch this file even higher.