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SP4 block by itself, same SPID

I have been reading some blogs, etc. regarding the new problem with SP4 installations. I am examining my queries, update stats and index defrags and they take a long amount of time, like 5-10x longer. I run "sp_who2 active" and I see blocks. But what’s interesting from sp3a now is that the blocks refer to the same spid as where the block is occuring. Weird! I have read that this is a new feature in SP4 regarding latches. That’s fine, but it’s causing me a lot of slow processing. I need something as a fix to make my stuff go faster. Of course, I don’t want to necessarily go back to sp3a. I didn’t expect things to slow down a lot Any advice or help would be appreciated!? Anyone else encountering this? Let’s discuss… Greg L. Wright
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Have you had a chance to run intermittent update stats and scheduled DBCC DBREINDEX on those tables? Satya SKJ
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