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SP4 issue

I already have SP3 on all my sql server.Now I want to install SP4 on these server,I am wondering do I have to remove/uninstall SP3 before installing SP4.
Does running SP4 on a sql server with SP3 will cause any trouble.I cant give any downtime so I want to make the problems and solutions handy.Please share your experiences while applying SP4
You don’t have to uninstall SP3 , just install the SP4. there are hotfixes also you need to install after installing SP4
Memory of my servers are above 3 GB.I havent enabled AWE in my db server ,as I have some other applications also in this server and they too consume memory. So I guess I dont have to install the hotfix.Point me if I am going wrong
yes you have to if you have anable AWE. there afew issues in SP4 with AWE
msmvps.com/epprecht/archive/2005/05/14/46940.aspx hot fix is available in msmvps.com/epprecht/archive/2005/06/19/54058.aspx
Is SP4 also compatible with personal edition,as i havent found this in documentation.
well, AFAIK, it should be compatible with SP4, they are not releasing Sps for each version. So it has to be compatible.
Always check README.HTML in case if you’re in doubt about new release of hotfix or service pack. Satya SKJ
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