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sp_adjustpublisheridentityrange – Does not work

<b>Hi There</b><br /><br />Here is a litte hint to solve a replication problem.<br /><br />I had for some time problems with users, mixing some records together becasue user A creates a record on the Publisher, and user B creates another one on a Subscription database.<br /><br />Then I find out how to use "Identity Range" in the table properties when creating the publication, and the first time it works very fine. GREAT. [<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-2.gif’ alt=’:D‘ />]<br /><br />Then I had to recreate the publication again, an suddently the Subscription databases gets an error says "Your table identity interval is full – use sp_adjustpublisheridentityrange to get a new interval from replication agent"<br /><br />Unfortunatelly this does now work either on the publisher nor on the subscriber.<br /><br />I recrated the Publication several times but the same error every time. <br /><br />Suddently I found out that somehow the replication has automaticaly created a "Check Constraints" on the table called repl_identity_range_pub_xx the first time, but have not deleted it again. The Identity interval was not the same second time I created as it was the first time, and then it was imposible to add new records on the subscriber database.<br /><br />Deleting this Check Constraint – solve the problem.<br /><br />Yes..yes..yes…. This was just another hurtle on the daily DBA life.<br /><br />Take care out there.<br /><br />Best regards<br /><br /><b>Jan Borup Coyle</b><br /><br /><br />btw. Does anyone know how to save a Publication configuration, so recreation of a Publication not should take so long time, when it’s not all Tables, SPs, Views ect. there should be in the Publicataion.?<br />