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Hi there I have one table "employee" owned by ‘xyz’, and this xyz is member of sysadmin,
db_securityadmin and db_owner. I login to a database as ‘xyz’ and I tried to change the owner of the table "employee" to be sa, but when I execute the procedure:
exec sp_changeobjectowner ’employee’, ‘sa’ it gives an error:
Object ’employee’ does not exist or is not a valid object for this operation. I login to DB as sa and I run the same procedure but it still gives the same errror. Any Idea….? please Regards..
Try to refer the table as dbo.tablename or xyz.tablename. Satya SKJ
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You don’t want to make sa the owner. You shouldn’t be using sa for anything. Make dbo the owner. You have your syntax wrong also. EXEC sp_changeobjectowner ‘xyz.employee’,’dbo’
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Thanks derrickleggett… I run EXEC sp_changeobjectowner ‘xyz.employee’,’dbo’ It works fine now.. Reagrds..