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sp_help results vs EM

I used sp_help for a table and it shows that there is a constraint on some files.
Constraint_Type Constraint_Name
UNIQUE (non-clustered) IX_tblTerminationQuotes
But when I use table design in EM, there is no constraint under check constraints tab. How come? Is it another EM bug?
I checked this by running create table t1
(t1 int identity(1,1) primary key clustered,
t1code int not null,
spare char(4) not null) alter table t1 add constraint uk_1 unique (t1code) alter table t1 ADD CONSTRAINT code_check CHECK (spare <> ‘A’) In EM, check constraints show up under the "constraints" tab. Unique contraints are (illogically enough) under the Indexes/Keys tab. So they are both there, just not where they should be. Hope this helps. Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB
Yeh, you are right. I found the constraint under the Index/Keys tab. It certainly helped.
Thanks CanadaDBA