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sp_makewebtask: granting EXEC permission to ASPNET

I’m running an ASP.Net web application (my personal website). I am using "sp_makewebtask" on some tables in conjunction with .Net’s CacheDependency object, such that when a table changes, and the .html file is generated, my asp application will re-run a SQL query and plop the resulting DataSet into memory (thus refreshing the cached DS whenever a table is updated). that’s cool, and it works great–if the tables are changed by a sysadmin, say via Enterprise Manager. problem: if i use a webform to update the table, i get sp_makewebtask permission errors. Probably because the ASPNET account, which has EXEC permission for my webapp’s table (via a proc), does not have EXEC permission on sp_makewebtask (which is called by the table’s trigger). how do i correct this? i have tried using sp_makewebtask’s @username parameter, with values of ‘sa’, ‘guest’ and ‘dbo’. Nothing. Then i altered the permission for for sp_makewebtask, and grated EXEC to "guest" and "public". My webform error message is now: "Only members of the sysadmin role can execute this stored procedure." …I really prefer not to grant the ASPNET account the "sysadmin" role. Is there any other more appropiate solution?
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Matt Del Vecchio
Unfortunately that is a SQL Server error, and if that is what it is saying, then that is what you will need to grant to the user
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yeah i see that in there now, its just hardcoded. if you really wanted to use it w/o sysadmin, you can copy it into a localized proc in your db…but by then i realized there had to be a better way for what i wanted to do.. so rather than use SQL Server to update a file on table change (which is slow) and then monitor that file via ASP.Net to update the cached version, i can just have my "add new row" .aspx page manually update the cache after a successful insert event.