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Space Needed

I have a vb6 application using sql server 2000 with sp4. When I try to write data to the application, I get the following error. Unexpected error -2147467259 Location: page.cpp:2609
Expression: spaceNeeded <=spaceContig&&spaceNeeded<=space_usable
SPID: 62
Process ID: 1304 in Expidite Thanks for the help in advance. Vykkye
Sounds like some issue with fragmentation. Backup the DB then run a DBCC CHECKDB
Also try a DBCC DBREINDEX. Can you reproduce the same error in Query Analyser? Your error looks like its come directly from sql server, so I think its a bug. But before you contact MS, check to make sure its not just your connectivity library (ADO etc) doing something odd

Did you get similar error in pre-SP4 situation?
Try to run the same statement in Query Analyzer for further information. Satya SKJ
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