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SQL 2000 compatibility mode

Until we convert all outer join syntax to ANSI standard joins, we must run the database(s) in SQL 2000 compatibility mode. What does this mean? Does this mean we cannot use ANY of the new features of SQL 2005? your input wolud be greatly appreciated, Thanks,
On SQL Server 2005 If we use the database compatibily mode as 80 then we are not having any problem with the outer join queries(with non ANSI standard Joins) but if we change the mode to 90 we are getting error with that joins. I wolud like to know if we continue run the database with 80 mode then can we use all the SQL 2005 features on it?
Plese let us know your concerns on this.. Satya can you please help me in this? Thanks,
You can’t use the 2005 t-SQL features. But the database is still a 2005 one and you get the benefits of it being on a 2005 server. There is a load of information in books online about what the precise behaviours are when running under 80 compatibility mode… ms-help://MS.SQLCC.v9/MS.SQLSVR.v9.en/tsqlref9/html/508c686d-2bd4-41ba-8602-48ebca266659.htm
Hi Thomas, Thanks a lot.. Is there any MSKB or any artical saying when we use comp mode 80 we can use all 2005 features? if so can i have that article please.. Thanks,