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SQL 2000 Install on XP Prof

I am installing SQL Server 2000 Enter Edition on Windows XP Prof..
but I got message that can not install this on this computer..
please help me,, is there any Sp I have to update on windows Xp before install SQL Server 2000 ??? Thanks

Install the developer edition instead. It’s the same as Enterprise and will run on XP.
do you mean we can not install Enter edition on Windows XP Prof..
I have seen many they have installed SQLO Server 2000 on XP..
As far I know you can install SQL 2000 Personal in XP, no stardard or enterprise.
Luis Martin
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Hi You can install SQLServer2000 on Windows XP Prof. I am using the same OS and I can run SQLServer2000 on it. But plz install latest windows XP service pack before installing SQLServer if you are getting problems. Radhika
SQL ENT edition can be installed only on win server edition.
ON XP or prof you can install only dev or personal copy. You can give it a try.
It will only install client tools. Radhika,
Can you check version of SQL on ur PC
SQL Server Standard and Enterprise Editions *require* a Windows Server OS. No chance to install on another Windows systems. I think, all other versions of SQL Server can be installed on XP however. Check the MS knowledgebase. There are certain issue with SQL Server and the XP SP2 firewall settings. —
Frank Kalis
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Confirm the SQL Server edition that has been installed where you’ve seen such installations on XP.
Refer to the books online for operating system supported by edition of SQL 2k orhttp://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/architec/8_ar_ts_7eur.asp link. Satya SKJ
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check this link for system requirement for SQL 2000 http://www.microsoft.com/sql/prodinfo/previousversions/system-requirements.mspx