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Sql 2000 raid config

Hello all i have a question about the setup of raid drives for an sql server 2000 I have a Compaq G3 server (dual processor,2gb ram) I have setup a Raid 5 with 4 disks 18gb each, one spare. The machine runs sql server 2000 A red light is lit on one of the disks (not the spare). This has happened before and i didnt give attention back then and lost data (of course) Now, the red light is flashing again.And sometimes it is off.Whats going on? Does this mean that the disk has errors and i shall remove it for ever? If i remove it i am left with 3 disks (1 spare).
What configurations must i make to these 3 disks on raid then? Thank you all

i suggest you read the user’s manual for your raid controller
go to the hp website, the doc is downloadable, you just have to search for it,
there are also good technical white papers on the raid levels supported by hp controllers
Also, look at the RAID controller software installed on the server. HP RAID control software is about the easiest in the industry. It will tell you what RAID levels you are at, if the hot spare is in use, etc. You should be able to figure things out from there. If in doubt….call HP support. Since it’s a G3, it is probably still under a support contract. MeanOldDBA
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Have you contacted the hardware vendor for any help?
Any information or warnings on the event viewer & vendor’s log? Satya SKJ
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