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SQL 2000 server access from home HELP

Currently we are running Server 2003 and SQL server 2000. We are using the VB6 to write some internal software. I want to accesss the database from home. I did all the necessary setting like open the port 1433 on the SQL server and the router I even try to put the server on DMZ but it still doesn’t work. We were using NT4 and SQL2000 and they are working fine until this upgrade. Do I have to set somekind of permission on the server2003 ? thanks Another point is that we have 2 server one is server2003 and one is NT the setup for server2003 was a pain too, none of my network seem to see the domain on the 2003 what i did was edit the HOST file for every computer to reroute to the domain name newdomain.
So your new server has joined the NT domain? I’d try to resolve the connectivity between the w2k3 server and the nt domain first. You haven’t applied any local security policies on the server to try to harden the server? If this is now a Windows 2003 domain, then have you allowed non-w2k/w2k3 clients to connect to the domain? and have you migrated the machines/users into the new domain? You’re using SQL security, rather than Windows Integrated Security? If so then there should be no additional permissions required for the connectivity. Can you ping the server ip address from home?
Can you ping the server by name from home?
Check that you can do "telnet <host> 1433"?
If you’re not using the default instance, then have you set up an alias using the client network utility on your home pc?
You haven’t changed the port on the SQL installation?
This isn’t a multiple SQL-instance server?, if so the port may be different? Cheers
Twan PS You’re not concerned about the security of this server? If you are then you may want to at least choose a different port number, and ideally use VPNs to talk with the servers over the Net Cheers
Thanks Twan. Oh I got the Trust set up for the Server2003 already everything is working fine. it is up and run fine. Just that the SQL won’t allow me to connect from home anymore. I would think VPNs is the best solution let me try that. I did try VPN however our setup has a problem too All of our computers including the two servers going through a router. the router connect directly to the dsl modem. the problem is the router doesn’t support VPN server2003 has ip serverNT etc. I try to put the server2003 ip using DMZ then I can use VPN but the server doesn’t reroute me to the network. I can only connect to the server2003 and that’s it I can’t see anything else on the network
So you have an NT domain and a W2K3 domain talking through a trust? If the W2K3 domain/server is on a DMZ, then the router needs to be configured to allow certain ports between the DMZ and the main network. See the MS site for more details about active directory through a firewall (which is what your router is likely to act as with some packet filtering) Let me know how you get on with the other questions in the earlier post about pinging and telnet, etc. Cheers
Hi Twan
I reconfigure the SQL using SQL authentication and it is working now. I open some port for the virtual server on the router and using thatport for the SQL. Another thing is I have to put the server ip on the DMZ otherwise it won’t work I guess since the router enable firewall it has to be on DMZ what do you think ? I can ping the IP provide by the ISP from home. the server ip is local can’t ping that Can’t ping the server name from home since it has a local ip address
Can’t telnet to any of the port that I open. But it is working now Thanks a lot
One more thing if I turn off the VPN server it doesn’t work if VPN server is on then it is working fine. Oh well it is working great now that is all I ask for hehehe thank Twan. This was the first time I am on these kind of forum. many great people <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />.
Hi ya,<br /><br />I presume that the router has been configured to expect one public IP address on one internal interface (the DMZ) and another public IP address for general web access from the second internal interface. If so then yes the SQL server is likely to need to be on the DMZ.<br /><br />You won’t be able to ping/telnet the local ip address but should be able to ping/telnet the public ip address (povided by the ISP)<br /><br />glad that it is working now <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;-)’ /><br /><br />Cheers<br />Twan