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SQL 2000 SP4 on x64

I am gettign ready to perform some testing on soem new x64 servers I am setting up. One of the tools I want to use is the SQLIOStress utility. I went to download the utility and found the following info on this link.
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q231619/ "64-bit availability
Presently, there is not a true 64-bit build of SQLIOStress. As a temporary measure, SQLIOStress has been updated to execute under the WOW64 environment. However, WOW64 does not support scatter and gather I/O operations. When SQLIOStress detects that it is running under the WOW64 environment, the -K option is enabled to revert to standard ReadFile and WriteFile calls. SQLIOStress will not be able to drive the I/O rates as high when it is run in this configuration." Ok …so SQL2000 SP4 runs under WOW64 as well…..does this also mean that SQL Server will not have the ability to use scatter and WriteFile calls? Thanks
thats a very interesting question, i would bug the MS people on it,
another annoying limitation on sqliostress is the 4GB file size limitation, which may fit in the cache of some SAN, and others gives over inflated random io capability
that why i use my own SQL based disk stress generators
bugging MS now….. IF this is the case I really need to stress the 64bit system via SQL…. any chance you would be willing to share your SQL based disk stress generators? I had remembered a post from a few weeks back that had such a script but I am unable to find it now. Thanks
i had the misfortune of posting the sequential tests scripts the weekend brad was migrating the website, so it seems to have got lost, i will try to send to sequential test scripts later today,
if the random are ready, i will provide as well
do i have your email?
you can send scripts to the following. I really appreciate it. [email protected] I also found the answer to the x64 Question. The SQLIOStress documention has some additional information "At the time of this white paper SQLIOStress has yet to be fully tested as a pure 64 bit application. Upon release of the 64 bit Windows operating system SQLIOStress was updated to detect that it was running in the WOW64 environment. Because scatter/gather I/O is not permitted from the (IA64 – Intel) WOW64 SQLIOStress automatically reverts to NT based non-scatter/gather I/O mode. On X64 (AMD) the WOW64 does support scatter/gather operations so the 32 bit SQLIOStress should be used to test in the WOW64."