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SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 Performance

Hello: We recently upgraded to SQL 2005 from SQL2000. We then discovered than an app. was incompatible and reverted to SQL2000 mode. This is Standard Version with 3.5 GB of memory and using the /3GB switch. Before using the /3GB we couls only see 1.6GB of memory available for use. We now see 2.5GB. We have 150+ users and a db of approx. 50GB. Prior to the upgrade system performance was acceptable. Afterwards, at times, it is dismal. We are researching solutions but I am wondering if anyone has experience with this type of situation. One app. is VB.Net based and seems to suffer a fair amount. Any ideas or advice is certainly appreciated. Thank you. Regards,
Have you executed the database optimization tasks after the upgrade and also all the stored procedures compilation in order to see whether fragmentation is addressed. Any finding during the upgrade advisor execution prior to upgrade? Satya SKJ
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