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Hi, I have a server with 20gig of ram and can’t get it to use it. I run a process which takes around two hours to run and on the same box in x64 mode utilises aroung 17GB ram. When running the job, memory usage won’t go above 6GB. I have used perfmon to record Target Server memory which shows about 17GB and Total Server Memory shows as less than 6GB. Things I have tried. Enabled AWE and set Max Server Mem to 17GB Boot.ini /PAE
and neither of the above. Rebooting after each change. Sql runs under local system so I assume you do not have change anything for locking pages in memory? Have I missed anything? TIA
AWE, PAE and /3GB are all 32-bit scenarios. Are you saying you have one 32-bit machine with trouble, and one 64-bit which works okay? If so, you need to specify with versions and editions of the operating systems and SQL Servers you are running. At first glance I would say you are limited by using Windows 2000 Advanced Server.
Thanks for the reply. Apologies for not specifying OS. I am having problems with the 32bit OS. 32bit and 64bit OS is Win 2003 SP1 Ent. Cheers
Okay, for Windows 2003 SP1 Enterprise edition you can get to 32GB of memory so that’s no limitation – you just need AWE enabled, what does task manager report?