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SQL 2005 Backup Time

Hello, I am working with 2 servers both OS are MS Windows 2003 and one has SQL Server 2000 Enterprise edition and the other SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition.
I have two different fairly huge databases (one in each). The one on SQL 2000 server is about 20GB and the full backup time is less than 15 minutes but the one on SQL 2005 server with about the same size takes 2 hours and half to be backed up.
What possibly am I doing wrong? Also on these servers, I have 3GB of memory, in which the SQL 2000 server lets me use all but the SQL 2005 server limits me to 2GB and I cannot initialize the rest. Thanks, Morteza

what is you log file size and recovery models of the databases —————————————-
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In both case, they are in Simple recovery mode. And the size of log file is less than 100MB (what I defind when creating the database.
assuming you are doing the backup during inactive periods
SQL Server can hit very high backup rates, >3GB/sec
dependent only on the ability of your disk system to support the load at min, target 200-300MB/sec
the difference in backup rate (read the MB/sec in the backup message) is entirely due to differences in disk config
Thanks for the comment. I will check with our network administrator on that. But meanwhile can you help me where do I read the backup rate.
And if you may comment on how to address the 1GB memory of off 3GB that SQL Server 2005 does not let me initialize.

my guess is you didn’t apply /3GB for the system with sql 2005 if you really want to use memory
go full 64-bit, OS and SQL Server 2005
Also check what kind of scheduled jobs are running during this backup process? Satya SKJ
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