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sql 2005 case sensative?

We have a sql2000 and sql2005..
I created a login in 2000 and password is lowercase, the first letter of login name is upper case ..so for example: Eramgarden/eramgarden I did the same in sql2005… We have an application, done in proprietory software…when I point the app to sql2000, it works fine…when I pointed it to sql2005, it didnt authenticate… i had to change the password to uppercase in 2005 , then the app worked… is there a setting or something in 2005 to indicate case sensativity? or is there something in 2000 to indicate that? SQL2005 is case sensative??
I ran sp_server_info on both sql2000 and sql2005… IDENTIFIER_CASE is mixed in both servers… our app sends upper-case string… so howcome when i point the app to sql2000, the login password works but in sql2005, i had to change the password to all uppercase??
In sql 2000 password is not case sensitive where as in SQL 2005 it is case sensitive. Mohammed.

you’re kidding..wow..didnt know.. thanks.
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It Depends on collation setting while you are setting up your server kindly run SELECT CONVERT(char(20), SERVERPROPERTY(‘collation’))
to know current Collation and refer *Collations, changing settings* in BOL for more. Hemantgiri S. Goswami
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If your collation is case sensitive, every thing is case sensitive including pwd in 2000 as well as 2005 BUT… For default collation case insensitive collation all sql login pwds are not case insensitive in 2000 where in 2005 they are case sensitive. Mohammed. Mohammed U.
I thought passwords were case-sensitive in SQL Server 2000 regardless of collation. thanks for that info Mohammed. Thanks,
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Still many people think it is case sensitive obviously every place pwd is case sensitive.
Mohammed U.