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SQL 2005 cluster on Virtual Server 2005

Hello All, I’m trying to install SQL Server 2005 on a virtual Server on my desktop(Windows XP) as per the article on this website, which btw, is a great article. I configured ,created and tested virtual machine "node1". I configured, created and tested virtual machine "node2" as well. However, when I try to start one node while the other one is running, I get the following error: The virtual hard disk "C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsShared Virtual Machinessharedarray1.vhd" attached to primary channel (1) of "Node1" could not opened with read-write access. You need read-write access to the virtual hard disk to boot a virtual machine. Another virtual machine or the Virtual Disk Manager might be using this disk right now. I thought the whole purpose of the shared drive is to be able to share the data files between the two nodes. I’m pretty sure I’m missing. Can you please help? Thanks,
Have you considered NTFS permissions on the file may be causing the issue and also try turning off System Restore for the drive holding the virtual hard disk. Also checkhttp://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/virtualserver/deploy/cvs2005.mspx this article whether you have followed such steps.http://www.sql-server-performance.com/installing_sql_clustering_virtual_server1.asp one too a good resource. Satya SKJ
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I’ve disabled System Restore on the drive that stores the shared virtual disk. I also checked that the file system is NTFS and has full permissions. It still doesn;t seem to work. -SJ
I am guessing there is a problem with how the virtural hard drives are configured. You need to have a total of 4 virtual hard drives. You need a drive "C" for each node (two drives), a shared drive for the quorum, and a shared drive from the shared array. Be sure that you have all four drives and that they are configured so that each one is used only once, not more than once, which may be the problem. ————————————————————–
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Yes, I’ve 4 virtual hard disks : two c drives for guest OSs , 1 quorum , and one shared disk. However, I’ve the shared disk added in both node1 , and node2 virtual machines.
In your article, I see that the shared drive "drive_d.vhd" appears to be added in both node1 and node2. I’m referring to the figures showing node1 and node2 full configurations. Doesn’t this mean that drive_d.vhd is used more than once? Thanks for your help,