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SQL 2005 developer upgrade

I am upgrading our SQL 2000 developer version to SQL 2005 developer version. During the upgrading process, it asked for how I like to authenticate with SQL server and I chose the SQL authentication and put in our custom sa account which is a user login with sa right. A few screens later, it asked for the account to start the SQL service as well as SQL browser. For SQL 2000, we are using the account which is a local account and has a local administrator right. So I went ahead and put in that same local account to start for both services. The install/upgrade process continues after that. However, when the process gave me an error while updating the system database at the step of configuring "SQL server database servicies". The message is saying that it has problem authenticating the account. It is refering to the SQL account authentication. Since the error message doesn’t give me an option to re-enter the account and password, the only thing I can do is click the cancel button. This undo something and unregistered a few modules and more which I don’t know what they are. In the Setup Progress window, it shows the status of "Setup failed. Refer to the Setup log for details." for the step of SQL server database services. The whole installation process is done but failed at that step. I believe it is an important step. I can’t re-run the reinstallation because when I did, it already indicated the SQL server version is at 2005 and stopped me from continuing the re-run of the upgrade process. The old version of SQL 2000 is gone so I am half way in-between. I can’t go back to SQL 2000 without reinstalling it and restore the databases which I don’t like to do. And SQL 2005 doesn’t see the user databases which I believe it is because of the failed step. Here is my questions 1. How can I correct the failed step? Is there a script in the SQL 2k5 installation folder I can run just for this step? 2. If the solution is to rerun the setup from the begining, what do I do to make system think the previous upgrade is incomplete and not exactly at SQL 2005 version yet so it will let me continue for the rest of the setup? 3. It is ok to use a custom user login account which has the sa right for this upgrade process. If I use the default sa account, I don’t seem to have the above problem. Has anyone used a custom user account with sa right to do this upgrade with sucesss?
I need this to resolve quickly. Any suggestions and pointers are highly appreciated. Wingman
When you are do ugrade inplace…there is a point where you can’t go back…may be your upgrade is in that situation… Make sure you have ldf and mdf file saved….
Unistall and reinstall…
IF there is any issue with uninstallation then uninstall manually… How to uninstall an instance of SQL Server 2005 manually
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/909967 Mohammed U.
May I refer you to look at Upgrde Advisor tool to mock the upgrade proceess, that can give you pre-experience of upgrade of your databases. This also helps you to put through checkpoints where you can revert back to original state in case of any irreversable issue during/after upgrade. 1. If you are talking about installation of SQL Server, then it is better to uninstall or remove the program files then install afresh rather than running specified scripts during the installation. 2. Upgrade will be completed if all the issues can be resolved and please note the data will not be updated due to the upgrade, you can have a checkpoint to confirm such changes to be assured. IN any case it is better to have full database backups where you can restore back to perform the upgrade. 3. Yes you can use a different account with SA privileges to continue the upgrade which is another best practice and make sure to tigthen the SA password in this case. Take your time to go through the links below:
http://www.microsoft.com/technet/technetmag/issues/2006/12/SQLQA/default.aspx Satya SKJ
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