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SQL 2005 Maintenance Plan Problem

Anyone play with manually creating Maintenance Plans? I am running the SQL 2005 Ent. Edition of the Sept CTP. I have done a couple test and have been a bit confused by the results. I manually create a plan to run integrity checks, reorganize, full backups, cleanup old backups, cleanup history and log a success via TSQL. If any part of the plan fails, it should log a failure via TSQL. When I run the plan, it completes successfully, but it doesn’t actually appear to do anything. It does not log to the directory the plan is set to log to, no backups are created, nada. I then tried using the maintenance plan wizard and the plan works as advertised, but I do not get the option to delete old backup files. I tried editing the plan manually to add the old backup file deletion. The plan still appears to run, but my logging has been significantly reduced. After editing the maintenance plan, I now only get the following in my maintenance plan log

Microsoft(R) Server Maintenance Utility (Unicode) Version 9.0.1314
Report was generated on "Server1".
Maintenance Plan: MaintenancePlan2
Duration: 00:00:00
Status: Succeeded.

Prior to my manual edit of the plan, I got verbose logging. I cannot tell if my manual edit is working yet because the shortest interval I can set for removal of old backups is 1 day. Just wondering if I am doing something wrong or others have seen something simular…

Any chance of posting the detail of your plans?
Any information in SQL Server error log.
I have tried a while ago and it worked as expected at my end. Satya SKJ
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I did open a bug with MS and they did notice that the maintenance plan may report that it had completed while it was still executing. I assume this wasn’t my problem since I was only doing the system databases and the completion times should have been very fast. I will retest this on the RTM version shortly and get more details.